MPXpress® Commuter Locomotive

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MotivePower designed the MPXpress® diesel-electric commuter locomotive to enhance the safety, performance and reliability of railway passenger systems. We have delivered or received orders for 100 MPXpress® locomotives from eight different transit agencies throughout North America since 2003, making it the proven and preferred choice for commuter rail agencies.

The MPXpress® locomotives offer significant technological improvements, including higher-horsepower engines to move more passengers within the same schedule, improved fuel efficiency, advanced emissions reduction technology and microprocessor controls. They will also meet the latest crashworthiness and safety standards recommended by the American Public Transportation Association.



Model designations MP40PH-3C: 4,000 THP, separate diesel HEP
MP36PH-3C: 3,600 THP, separate diesel HEP
MP36PH-3S: 3,600 THP, static inverter HEP
Length over coupler pulling faces 68 feet, 0 inches
Height over cab and carbody 15 feet, 6 inches
Width over cab handrails 10 feet, 71/2 inches
Bolster centers 42 feet, 10 inches
Weight on rails, fully loaded 285,000 - 295,000 lbs
Starting tractive effort 85,000 lbs.
Continuous tractive effort 78,000 lbs. @ 13 mph
Maximum speed 108 mph with 56:21 GR
Curve negotiation, single unit 248 feet (23.1 degrees)
Curve negotiation w/ 85-foot car 315 feet (18.2 degrees)
Prime mover MP36: 16-645F3B
MP40: 16-710G3B
Engine control system MP36: Q-Tron QES-III
MP40: EMD EM2000
EPA emission compliance MP36: Tier 0 through Tier 2
MP40: Tier 2
Main generator (traction/companion) MP36: AR10JBA/CA5 (reman.)
MP36: MA15JBC/CA5 (new)
Auxiliary generator 18 kW a.c.
Traction motors D87BTR, D78B or D87B dc.
Dynamic brake Blended / extended
Trucks 4-wheel, outside swing hanger
Wheelbase 9 feet, 0 inches (reman.)
9 feet, 4 inches (new)
Wheel diameter 40 inches
Braking system Wabtec 26LUL / blended
Wabtec electronic / blended
Air compressor WLN-A9
Hand brake Wheel
Fuel capacity 2,000-2,500 gallons
Sand capacity; front/rear 10/10 cubic feet
Head end power system Separate diesel engine
Static inverter
Head end power output 400 - 800 kW

Download a printable version of the MotivePower MPXpress brochure.